Hi my friend,

Psychic blockages is such an important subject yet most people have never heard about it.

Psychic blockages can affect any area of your life... and it's very likely that you're already experiencing blockages in your life right now.

This happens all the time to good, kind and honest souls just like you as most people have no idea how they got these blockages in the first place and what to do in order to release them.

Right now, you're suffering a psychic blockage if any of the following is happening in your life:

  • You suffer from misery in some area of your life
  • You feel stuck in life
  • People are mean to you
  • You often get ripped off
  • Small unfortunate incidents keep happening to you

If you don't clear your psychic blockages, not only will they sabotage the opportunities that might come your way, you'll even keep suffering from it all your life.

However, once you clear these blockages, you'll never again fall into this common trap

You'll then be able to relax and look forward to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities and life-changing events your future will bestow upon you

It is of the utmost importance that you find a way to clear away psychic blockages and keep your personal vibration energies at the highest level possible!

It is for this reason that I've created the "Psychic Clearing" Meditation System...

A Proven System To Clear Away Psychic Blockages

This system includes 6 powerful meditations that you can do on your own, at any time. Each meditation is designed to help you release inner psychic blockages, remove negative energies and align yourself with the Universe

By doing this, you can immediately free yourself from negative programming and past experiences that have been holding you back from a life of abundance

Here's exactly what the "Psychic Clearing" Meditation System can do for you:

  • Clear your chakras - your own inner energy centers- so that your energy with the Universe can exchange effortlessly
  • Remove subconscious obstacles that you unconsciously create that self sabotage your best efforts to manifest and succeed
  • Magnify the energy in your aura with the wonderful and all powerful Universal Energy
  • Focus your desires and intentions in a specific way which will allow you to manifest faster and easier

Every one of the 6 meditations will assist you when you are experiencing inner turmoil and you need to boost your vibration energy to manifestation levels and affect every aspect of your life positively.

Here's exactly what you'll receive with this system:

The Psychic Clearing Meditation System
In this PURELY digital release, available exclusively on download, you'll get:

CD 1 - "Clear Your Negative Emotions" Psychic Meditation

The first step in being in alignment with the Universe creative energy to receive all that you want in life, is to clear negative emotions.

You must get rid of these negative emotions as the first essential step in manifesting your desires into your life.

Negative toxic emotions you experience on a day-to-day basis such as boredom, anger, jealousy, resentment, fear and anxiety hold you back from the abundance you wish to manifest.

These negative emotions are "blocks". They are literal blocks to getting what you want. Once clear of these negative emotions, you're able to see more clearly. You're better able to know what you want and how to get it.

This meditation helps you clear away these toxic emotions to free your soul and mind from this negative burden to finally attract the good things in your life! The more you rid of these toxic emotions in your life, the more of an abundance magnet you become!

CD 2 - "Clear Your Wealth Blockages" Psychic Meditation

Money is probably the most challenging thing for many people to manifest. It can also be easiest.

Just look at those who have millions or billions of dollars. It doesn't matter what the economy is doing, there will still be a great many people with an abundance of money. What are they doing differently from you? Are they just plain "lucky"?

There are many reasons why your money flow can be blocked. It could be that you have some limiting beliefs about money? Chances are you accidentally allowed certain often repeated statements if your parents and teachers enter into your subconscious when you're a kid which became beliefs

This meditation will help you look deep into yourself to identify your limiting beliefs about money and how to clear away these wealth blockages. This will raise your vibration so that you would become a vibrational match to the abundance

CD 3 - "Clear Your Negative Beliefs" Psychic Meditation

Your negative beliefs are attracting more of the undesirables you do not want in your life, despite your best efforts to focus on what you actually want.

By pitting your conscious mind against your deeply ingrained, subconscious negative beliefs, you are inevitably setting yourself up to attract more of the same unwanted undesirables that you are trying to change.

Simply put, negative beliefs are those limiting beliefs about yourself or any aspect of life, that prevent you from achieving success. When consciously creating your reality, no single factor is more important than your beliefs.

This meditation will seek to eliminate the negative beliefs that hold you back and plant new positive, empowering beliefs that contribute to your success.

CD 4 - "Clear Your Bad Luck" Psychic Meditation

Is negative energy causing you bad luck, keeping you from receiving the good and positive into your life?

You need to cleanse your aura then. Your aura is an energy field that surrounds you and protects you and is made up of varying types of live and intelligent vibrations. When your aura is disrupted, blocked, slowed down, it stops you from expressing and living your life fully.

Your true nature is discovered when you release all of your blocked energy, created by limiting habits, negative emotions and thoughts.

The more you release, the more colourful, clear and bright your aura becomes, the more you are able to advance yourself in all ways and have the positive energy and good luck flow into your life abundantly!

This meditation will cleanse the negatives energy in your aura to remove bad luck, strengthen this energy field of yours and lead you to living a charmed life.

CD 5 - "Clear Your Manifestation Blockages" Psychic Meditation

"Confused energy" in your daily life has the ability to disrupt the smooth flow in your life that could otherwise lead to harmony and happiness.

This energy can also "confuse" issues and cause errors in judgment, poor decisions, destroy possibilities and otherwise wreak havoc on one's life blocking you from manifesting your desires.

To set you back on the path of effortless manifestation, you need to balance your internal energy. To be tranquil and at peace inside and out, and when one is calm and serene, you'll be able to navigate through the fog of confusion and doubt

This meditation will liberate you from confusion and conflict by channelling your awareness inwards to manifest a clam and peaceful relationship between thoughts, intentions and actions.

CD 6 - "Clear Your Love Blockages" Psychic Meditation

Is there a relationship in your life that you're having trouble with? Are you lonely, or do you have a hard time connecting to others in a meaningful way? Do you have an emotional wound that won't heal?

Chances are your heart chakra is closed or blocked, preventing the exchange of energy between you and the Universe... causing never - ending problems in your relationship.

The word Chakra is Sanskrit and signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body that allows energy to flow between you and the Universe.

The heart chakra is fourth of the seven chakras. It governs you ability to love unconditionally and to heal. Clearing and balancing your heart chakra can help you grow spiritually, rise above anger, hatred and jealousy, forgive yourself and others and connect deeply with others.

This meditation will clear your heart chakra, balance it to open your heart, mind and soul to love and finally free yourself from relationship problems

I can feel the joy, happiness and abundance that's about to enter your life now that your Convergence Period is just a matter of days from you

The "Psychic Clearing" Meditation System that I have painstakingly created especially for you will clear all your subconscious blocks and raise your vibrational level to receive fully from the Universe.

With these meditations, a new empowering state will be bestow upon you. While you are in this state you will clear your chakras, release any energy blockages and raise your vibrational energy with ease!

My Work Is Covered By A
60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Why am I offering such a broad guarantee? I mean, couldn't someone put these meditations to use, manifest and attract their desires, but still ripped me off by asking a 100% refund in the first 2 months?

The answer is yes. And that's fine. Because I only want to have you as a customer only if you're absolutely 100% happy and aligned with my materials. I don't want any bad blood out there.

Why? Because I want to keep you happy, and this private community of ours in the highest positive vibrations ever! Your happiness, success and abundance are incredibly incredibly important to me.

And Here's A Little Something Extra For You

Bonus CD 1 - "Release Your Inner Talents And Natural Strengths" Meditation

The key to successful living is to live in the flow... the path of effortless abundance and least resistance. To do this, you need to know who you really are and what are you made of.

You are born with a specific set of talents, skills weaknesses, and strengths. Usually these natural skills appear in our late teens and continue on with us for rest of our life. During the course of our life, these skills change very little.

One of the most important things you can do in your life is to identify your assets. Don't go against nature, instead, recognize and develop your natural skills and make them benefit you. They will lead you to successful, effortless living.

This meditation will guide you to look deep into yourself to release that hidden genius within you to live a life of success with minimal frustration and effort!

Bonus CD 2 - "Rediscover The Energy of Your Soul" Meditation

We are all spiritual beings born into a human body. As life's hardships piled on top of us, we became more and more weighed down and grounded into Earth. As the years of hardships continued, we learned to "survive".

And by doing that, we eventually forgot about our souls altogether... that we are spiritual beings by nature.

The thing is... our souls never left, they simply took a back seat in our lives. If you're feeling numbness, disconnectedness, to search for something more, deeper, it means you're longing to reconnect with your soul.

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