My life was in a mess, my relationship was on the rocks, and I was stuck with a job that I really hated... And that changed after I received your readings... I managed to find the confidence within myself that I never knew existed, it gave me the courage to change and now I'm living a better life! Thank you so much Aiden.

Hi Aiden, first of all, I would really like to thank you for the reading, it was really helpful and it contained so much fun and useful information that was really practical and easy to use. I'm so amazed by the changes that it has brought, I can feel more hopeful about the days to come.

I was really surprised at the predictions made by you, Aiden. It was so accurate that I think I should be afraid? I’ve gained a lot of insights about myself and it has helped me to understand myself better and change my life for the better. I can’t thank you enough.

A World-Famous Numerologist has successfully predicted the fate of more than 10,000 men and women.


Are You Making This One Mistake That Has CREATED More 40-Year-Old Failures Than Anything Else?

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered why so many men and women reach the age of 40 without achieving financial success?

No matter what they do - all their dreams, wishes, and aspirations remain unfulfilled.

They grow older with age, but not closer to financial success.

Have you ever wondered…

Why that is? And if you’re above 40 today, whether there’s anything you can do RIGHT NOW to reverse this “mistake”?

This question puzzled me for the better half of my life. It puzzled me so much that I spent half a century performing numerology readings, analyzing whether or not someone would reach financial success by 40 years of age.

After successfully performing over 10,000+ accurate readings, I started to see patterns of success.

What I’ve Found Is Shocking:

At first, I thought my findings were a fluke. I dismissed them.

But the more I put my theories to the test, the more I realized that success and failure boils down to one trait.

Yes – only one trait.

The men and women who have this trait, succeed. Whereas those who lack this trait, lead a life of heartache and failure, no matter how talented or skilled they are.

I watched this pattern repeat itself, over and over again.

So much so that…

I’ve been able to successfully predict whether someone will achieve financial success. And I’ve been doing it for half a century without error.

But I’m not psychic or anything strange.

Do you want to know my dark little secret?

I simply look for one trait.

If the person has it, I know he has no choice but to succeed. If the person doesn’t have it, I know he’s destined for failure – no matter how smart, ambitious, or talented he is.

How can I tell for sure?

One hundred percent of the time my predictions have come true. In other words, the people I thought would succeed, really did succeed financially. And the ones I thought would fail, fell flat on their face.

So why did some people succeed whereas the rest failed?

Every single 40-year-old failure has one thing in common:

They all make the same mistake.

And this one mistake is keeping them away from success, great wealth, and true happiness.

What's The One Mistake?

The number one mistake people make which prevents them from making the money they want, experiencing the success they wish for, and creating the life they dream about is…

Not knowing themselves.

They don’t understand their character, personality, and core strengths – so they can never find their place in the world and reach their true potential.

It’s a shame because the number one trait required for financial success is…

A strong dose of self awareness.

And if you don’t possess self awareness, you’ll be at the mercy of life – never being able to unleash your true potential and live the life you dream about.

But that’s not the most troubling part.

The most troubling fact is…

After analyzing over 10,000 people, I’ve discovered majority of the population to be lacking in self awareness.

And that’s why I’m predicting more and more people will become 40-year-old failures.

Will you be one of them?

Most people don’t have self awareness – but do you?

Not sure?

There’s a simple way to tell if you’re lacking self awareness…

The Ultimate Test: How Can I Tell If I'm Lacking Self Awareness?

Are you working a job you hate?

Do you find yourself silently cursing out your boss – hoping and praying the arms on the clock speed up so you can go home?

Having a tough time getting out of bed in the morning because you don’t want to spend another day at the office?

These are sure tell signs of a lack of self awareness.

People with self awareness know what they love and what they’re passionate about – making it very easy for them to find work they love doing.

If you’re working a job you hate and it’s beating you down, you’re lacking self awareness.

Are you suffering from a lack of potential?

Have you consumed your potential or is it limitless?

People with self awareness are full of limitless potential – each year brings more and more accomplishments. Individuals lacking self awareness, on the other hand, are living the same year on repeat. No matter what they do, they never succeed. They’ve been stuck on the hamster wheel for years.

Do you have zero confidence in yourself?

A high self esteem is crucial for success – if you don’t know your true nature and where your natural capabilities lie, you’ll never muster up the confidence you need to succeed.

Feeling lost and unsure about your place in the world?

Have you found your place in the world or are you travelling in circles, unsure about your future?

These questions are the ultimate test – if you feel uncertainty in the pits of your stomach after answering the above questions, I guarantee you’re lacking self awareness. And you’ll continue to struggle year after year if you don’t do anything about it.

So Is There A Better Way...Or Is It Too Late For A 40-Year-Old To Become Successful?


Let’s not sugarcoat it.

If you’ve reached the age of 40 and you aren’t financially abundant – your time is slowly, but surely coming to an end.

This is the bad news.

Now the good news…

It’s not too late to turn it around.

I’ve seen countless people go from 40-year-old failures to unbelievable successes.

How did they do it? And can you do the same?

They injected themselves with self awareness. It took them from beaten down failures to overnight success stories.

Yep, self awareness is really the “magic” success drug.

So if you’ve failed at just about EVERYTHING…

And nothing you’ve ever done has led to success – I’ll tell you what I tell all the clients that come begging and pleading for help…

My #1 recommendation is to increase your self awareness – it’s the only way to turn your life around, instantly.

Why Is It So Important To Know Yourself? And How Can You Use Your Insights To Succeed?

After studying people for so long, I’ve discovered…

True financial success boils down to 2 things:

1. Doing what you love
2. Doing what you are good at


You’ll never be able to find the career pursuits that bring you everlasting success unless you sit down and learn about your true personality.

Did you know your personality could be preconditioned for success in certain industries? And you could easily become a HUGE financial success by simply pursuing these opportunities?

It sounds tough to believe. But really you’re full of limitless potential – the only problem is you haven’t sat down to figure out your core strengths. And so you don’t know how to succeed.


You’ve traveled in circles, feeling unsure about your place in the world.

And what’s even worst is…

If you don’t do anything right now to learn about your real personality…

You’ll live and die without ever finding your place in the world.

And what’s even worst is…

If you don’t do anything right now to learn about your real personality…

You’ll live and die without ever finding your place in the world.

Bitter pill to swallow, I know.

But it’s something you need to know because self awareness isn’t a “nice to have” – it’s mandatory for success.

Especially if you want to go from a 40-year-old failure to an unbelievable success story, fast.

But Isn't It Too Hard To Increase Self Awareness? After All, I Don't Know How To Master Myself

You’re right.

Self awareness isn’t taught in schools, the workforce, or inside homes.

Not because it’s not important, but simply because…

People don’t know how to increase self awareness. And that’s because increasing self awareness is tough. It doesn’t come natural to most people.

I know because…

After successfully predicting the fate of 10,000+ people – I wanted to help 40-year-old failures easily and quickly increase their self awareness and reach financial success without having to attend boring lectures, read long-winded books, and analyze themselves to death…

…but it was tough.

It took endless amounts of trial and error. And I almost labelled the task to be “impossible.”

But one night, I gathered up years and years of research, insights from my personal experiences, and the tools I personally used to increase my self awareness…

…and I did something out of the ordinary.

Instead of making the self awareness process tough, difficult, and flat out boring – I did the opposite.

And I put together a few questions – questions only a Master Numerologist like me could come up with after having analyzed over 10,000 people.

But even I didn’t realize the full power of these questions at the time.

I had no idea these small number of questions would go on to become the #1 resource for 40-year-old failures to ACTUALLY increase their self awareness…

…and turn their life around so they could start using their “limited time” left on earth to reach their true potential and live the life they always dreamed about.

Introducing: The Numerology Personality Number Assessment

Big claim, I know.

And that’s why I’ve put together The Numerology Personality Number Assessment into one simple document – so you can put it to the test yourself.

But before you decide whether or not this personality number assessment will turn you from failure to success – let me tell you how it works.

How it works:

Did you know your Personality Number is the most important number in your Numerology chart? It’s also the only number you need to increase your self awareness, fast.


Because it reveals the exact talents, abilities, and shortcomings of your personality – information you need to master if you want to go from a 40-year-old failure to an unbelievable success story.

So by answering simple, easy to answer questions…

I’ll be able to provide you with a personality assessment – allowing you to effortlessly learn about your true nature and what you were born to do. In other words, you’ll basically be unlocking the doors to limitless potential…without having to subject yourself to endless amounts of self scrutiny.

Here Are Just A Few Secrets You'll Discover About Yourself From Your Numerology Personality Assessment:

Discover your greatest strength – We all have one strength inside us that can take us from zero to hero, fast. This one strength of ours is rarely tapped into, but my numerology personality assessment will clearly indicate your one greatest strength – giving you the ability to turn yourself into a success, instantly.
Find your million-dollar opportunity – You have unique abilities, talents, and skills – but do you know which opportunities best match you? Discover the answer with my numerology personality assessment. And take advantage of the million-dollar opportunities right under your nose.
Discover your place in the world – Gone will be the days where you drifted through life without knowing what you were born to do. After undergoing my personality assessment, you’ll know with 100% certainty what you are here to do.
Your shortcomings – By simply discovering your natural weaknesses and shortcomings, you’ll learn to stay clear of the “careers” and “opportunities” that will ruin your chances of success.

But That’s Not All...

You’ll also get access to advice you can use to immediately discover…

What career is the best for your personality? – Learn the careers that match your personality so you can take charge and quickly achieve financial success.
The one step to turn your life around – It’s difficult to figure out the exact steps you need to increase your chances of success, but my personality assessment makes it simple.  After I conduct my reading, I’ll give you the exact tools you need to figure out the next steps, every time.

Does This Really Work?

You may be doubting the power of self awareness…

…and I don’t blame you.

After all, society don’t talk about the importance of self awareness.

And for good reason – if everyone knew it was just this simple to reach success, we wouldn’t have anyone left to perform all the dull and mundane jobs.

Instead, we’d all be rich, powerful, and successful.

But we’re not…

Because the powers of self awareness have been kept locked away from us.

And if I hadn’t successfully analyzed over 10,000 people – I would have never cracked the code and discovered the importance of self awareness.

Because it really is a code.

And those who crack it will go on to win the game of life.

The rest will remain failures not only at 40-years of age, but until they reach the grave.

The Power Of Self Awareness: Gary Vaynerchuk Story

Have you heard of Gary Vaynerchuk?

Today he’s worth over $10 million dollars after having successfully built numerous multi-million dollar companies.


He wasn’t always financially successful.

Like many of us, Gary used to be a hard nosed failure. Getting C’s and D’s in school. And everyone, from his peers to his teachers thought he wouldn’t amount to ANYTHING.

But Gary shocked everybody after he did just ONE THING to completely turn his fate around…

What did Gary do?

Instead of beating his head against the wall, wishing and hoping for financial success…

He thought long and hard about what he was actually good at. He realized he couldn’t succeed in school because he wasn’t wired to succeed. He would never be able to follow the traditional route and get a high paying job.

So after long sessions of relentless thinking Gary discovered…

His true strengths were in sales and marketing.

From then on, Gary hasn’t looked back – creating one successful company after another. He credits his financial success to self awareness – so much so that he included self awareness in the title of his latest New York Times Bestseller.

It’s obvious if it wasn’t for self awareness, Gary would have spent the rest of his life playing a game he was hard wired to lose.

Which brings up the question…

Are you playing a game you’re hard wired to lose?

Chances are if you aren’t financially successful by 40 – you’re playing a game you’re hard wired to lose. In other words, you’re in the wrong career, chasing the wrong opportunities, and living the wrong life.

It’s time to change courses. It’s time to arm yourself with the power of self awareness.

I’m so confident you’ll be able to use my personality assessment to discover your “limitless self” that I’ll personally obligate myself to help you…

Find Financial Success At 40 Or Your Money Back

I don’t want you to suffer anymore while all your friends and colleagues are effortlessly achieving success.

I want you to discover your true potential too.

And that’s why I’m going to offer you a very sincere promise:

I promise you on my track record of success to give you the keys to mastering yourself. And if for any reason whatsoever, you’re not completely satisfied with my assessment, all you have to do is tell me and I’ll send you a full refund – no questions asked.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

You really have nothing to lose and the world to gain.


Send Your Urgent Request And I'll Use All My Resources To Prepare Your Expression Number Numerology Reading

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Once you say yes that you want me to create a full reading for you, I will give you the priority that you need to take advantage of this time. Happiness is within reach for you if only you will simply take the first step.

Remember you were put on this Earth for a very reason and unless you find out why and live to your Highest Self then all of your life’s potential is wasted.

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Say YES and I will have your complete Numerology Reading available in a few days, you can start the change as you begin to live towards the life you were born to live.

Everything that is predicted will come true and you will be thankful that I came along and you took that difficult step that meant trusting me.

REMEMBER your happiness is now in your hands, I rely on you, and your loved ones rely on you but most of all YOU RELY ON YOU!

I am watching out for your response, I know that you will understand what I am saying to you. I am waiting to come to your assistance.

Yours Truly,
Aiden Powers

BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. So what I'm saying is that if after 2 months into your Expression Number Numerology reading reading you're not totally happy with my work that I've done or feel that my guidance has not help you realize your potential you can email me and ask for a full refund.

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