My life was in a mess, my relationship was on the rocks, and I was stuck with a job that I really hated... And that changed after I received your readings... I managed to find the confidence within myself that I never knew existed, it gave me the courage to change and now I'm living a better life! Thank you so much Aiden.

Hi Aiden, first of all, I would really like to thank you for the reading, it was really helpful and it contained so much fun and useful information that was really practical and easy to use. I'm so amazed by the changes that it has brought, I can feel more hopeful about the days to come.

I was really surprised at the predictions made by you, Aiden. It was so accurate that I think I should be afraid? I’ve gained a lot of insights about myself and it has helped me to understand myself better and change my life for the better. I can’t thank you enough.

A World-Famous Numerologist has an urgent message for you:

“You Have Twice The
Than You Think!”

And here’s how this Numerology reading
will finally set your hidden potential free!


Let me explain! It doesn’t matter…

How badly you did in school when you were a kid…
How many times you have made a mistake or failed in something important
Or how some of your loved ones might discourage you from pursuing your dreams and aspirations
Or perhaps, how some of your friends even doubted your ability…


Simply because you were too busy earning a living (pay the bills, go to work, work from 9-6) in this bad economy that by the end of each day, you’re so exhausted to have any energy left to pursue your passions, and discover your true self.

Simply because you played it too safe… and took the conservative route of “Go to school, Get a job, Go To Work” that you had no opportunities to explore your potential and find out what you’re truly capable of.

Simply because you didn’t have a mentor who was willing to invest in you… to take you by the hand each step, and shine a light on the many natural gifts buried deep within you.

Or Perhaps You Simply Had Underestimated How
Talented You Truly  Are

You’ve so many good things going for you. You’re born with so many inherent strengths, talents and abilities. So much potential within you yet you underestimate many of your true capabilities. You don’t recognize what you do differently than everyone else. If only you could harness this potential, you can get everything you want, and everything is possible.

But you see nothing yet, and accept the inevitability of what happens to you. And that’s a terrible shame!

You lack neither courage nor ambition, but it seems you’re the victim of a clique that finds it hard to support your efforts and passions. That’s because when you share your dreams and aspirations, instead of encouraging you to live to your highest potential, they drag you down instead.

They tell you in your face that you’re incapable, you’re no good, and that you should stop dreaming and be “realistic”.

And I believe it is for this reason why your natural talents, strengths and abilities remain hidden till this day.

Remember Susan Boyle?

Before Susan Boyle became the celebrity she is today… Susan was a 25 year old struggling singer performing in local pubs and churches around her village in Scotland.

She had not an easy life. Diagnosed with learning difficulties, she was bullied as a child and at school was nicknamed “Susie Simple”. For most of her adult life she was unemployed.

But even back in 1984 her talent was obvious. The problem was no-one could see it, including herself.

Fast-forward to 2009 and Susan, aged 47 and still unemployed, auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent and declared to the judges and audience that her dream was to become a professional singer. The cynical response she received did not deter her and within 90 seconds she had changed everyone’s view with a ground-breaking performance that produced tears and a standing ovation.

Within 7 days her audition video had been watched more than 66 million times. Within three years she had sold 14 million records and amassed a personal wealth of $25m. Nobody is laughing at her now.

You’re in many ways just like Susan Boyle before she realizes her true self. Full of raw potential, yet no one around you, even yourself realizes it.

Do not allow others to hold you back anymore. You have to learn to know your true potential better.

Take My Hand Today As I Focus My Energies To Prepare Your Expression Number Numerology Reading

Here’s how it works: Your Expression Number is one of the most important numbers in your Numerology chart. Based on the letters of your full name at birth, your Expression Number reveals the talents, abilities and shortcomings you hold in this lifetime.

Why your birth name? Numerologists believe your name is the inheritance you receive from the Universe at the moment of your birth. It speaks a great deal about your potential and what you can likely accomplish in life.

Numerologists believe it is no accident that your parents chose and picked this name of yours. Hence by deciphering the name you were given at birth, we can discover your inherent traits and often natural talents that you are born into this life with.

Here Are Just A Few Secrets You’ll Learn In Your Expression Number Numerology Reading:

Discover your greatest strength lying within you to emerge. This natural strength of yours will impel you to play with fire and to touch the stars in your dreams.
Your Natural Strengths And Abilities. This will clearly show you where to pour your energies and time into. This is where your transformation to a new life begins.
What have you come into this life to teach and learn? These important life lessons will keep you wise, grounded and centered so you don’t have to go through the pain to learn them the hard way.
Everyone has a “million dollar talent” that they are not using. You will discover your special talent and exactly how you can put it into action to move you towards wealth and abundance.
What are your weak points to look out for that will hurt your personal growth… and how to overcome them with ease.

But That’s Not All...

Plus you’ll also get a bonus section that contains actionable advice on your Expression Number that if you act upon can help realize your true potential

Discover the exact careers that match your natural talents - if you do the things you love and do, and are better at than anyone else, it’s the quickest way to excel and achieve financial abundance.
What is the NEXT BIG STEP in your future? As you grow and the demands for your gifts increase, you need to figure how to best use them. The more skilled you are at magnifying your gifts, you magnify the impact of everything you do.

Unleash Your True Potential
Or Your Money Back

I want your life to change. I want to help you discover all about yourself, about your future, and about the incredible opportunities that are about to come your way. I want to see a smile on your face. I want to see you in great spirits, singing about the wonderful life you have, where there’s nothing you can’t achieve, and where each of your dreams finally comes true.

I promise on my honor to do my best to unearth your buried potential. I guarantee it, right here in black and white. And if for any reason whatsoever, you’re not completely satisfied with my services and advice, all you have to do is tell me and I’ll send you a full refund - no questions asked.

Send Your Urgent Request And I'll Use All My Resources To Prepare Your Expression Number Numerology Reading

Rest assured that any information that you give me is for my eyes only and will be confidential. Please think of me not only as your guide but as your friend which the Universe has sent you to help you find your expression number and discover your true potential.

Once you say yes that you want me to create a full reading for you, I will give you the priority that you need to take advantage of this time. Happiness is within reach for you if only you will simply take the first step.

Remember you were put on this Earth for a very reason and unless you find out why and live to your Highest Self then all of your life’s potential is wasted.

Choose to change your life and break free of the misery, you know that you want to...otherwise the evil darkness will forever be your shadow.

Say YES and I will have your complete Numerology Reading available in a few days, you can start the change as you begin to live towards the life you were born to live.

Everything that is predicted will come true and you will be thankful that I came along and you took that difficult step that meant trusting me.

REMEMBER your happiness is now in your hands, I rely on you, and your loved ones rely on you but most of all YOU RELY ON YOU!

I am watching out for your response, I know that you will understand what I am saying to you. I am waiting to come to your assistance.

Yours Truly,
Aiden Powers

BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. So what I'm saying is that if after 2 months into your Expression Number Numerology reading reading you're not totally happy with my work that I've done or feel that my guidance has not help you realize your potential you can email me and ask for a full refund.

WHY AM I DOING THIS? I want to make you sure that there is no financial risk on your part so you can use this Expression Number Numerology reading reading to prepare for the greatest and most positive change in your life

Remember, you’re put on this Earth for a special reason, and you’re about to begin a new chapter in your life and I don't want you to miss this again. Request my help now! CLICK HERE


Upon Payment, Please Kindly Give US 24-36 hours to prepare an accurate, comprehensive and personalized Expression Number Numerology Reading.