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Kristine Tyler
28, US

My life was in a mess, my relationship was on the rocks, and I was stuck with a job that I really hated... And that changed after I received your readings... I managed to find the confidence within myself that I never knew existed, it gave me the courage to change and now I'm living a better life! Thank you so much Aiden

Charlie Mann
45, US

Hi Aiden, first of all, I would really like to thank you for the reading, it was really helpful and it contained so much fun and useful information that was really practical and easy to use. I'm so amazed by the changes that it has brought, I can feel more hopeful about the days to come.

Tom Hayes
26, NY

I was really surprised at the predictions made by you, Aiden. It was so accurate that I think I should be afraid? I’ve gained a lot of insights about myself and it has helped me to understand myself better and change my life for the better. I can’t thank you enough.

Bill Gates, born Oct 28, has the profile of "Decision Maker" that's responsible for the billions of dollars he's been making.

Warren Buffett, born Aug 30, is known as the "Dependable Intellectual" which makes him the savviest investor even at 83 years old.

what's your Million Dollar Talent??

Do you know from your date of birth, I can discover through Numerology your Million Dollar Talent?

This is a special gift bestowed upon you at birth. And if you can discover what is it, you can finally have the key to the Kingdom… to connect to your Higher Self and finally find the abundance and financial success you so well deserved.

It is through this gift that you can fulfill every one of your heart's desires, and not a day in your life would feel it's a struggle.

But what's most significant about it, is that it can never be taken away from you... It was imprinted in you the moment you were born just like a birthmark.

So Aiden, If What You Said Is True…
Why Are Most People Oblivious Still Broke?

Your special talents offer the potential for greatness and success. But sometimes, they are so non-obvious because they are buried deep within us.

That is why many of us go about our lives wandering, lost and confused... never reaching our fullest potential.

While a few succeed and shine so brightly in life… but their discoveries were not led by luck or good fortune...

In fact, many of these people only uncovered their gifts in times of crisis.

They went through all sorts of hardships... bankruptcy, divorce, death of a loved one, and even homelessness. Only then, did they find their special talent and accomplish greatness.

In other words, their unique gift was only uncovered through ADVERSITY.

J.K Rowling Overcame Her Adversity Into Millions…

For most writers, they were lucky enough to discover their hidden talents simply from scribbling down notes on a few dinner napkins….

But for J.K Rowling, it took years of hardship to uncover her greatness.

She had fallen in, and then out of love... Ended up with a failed marriage and a baby daughter whom she had to raise alone. She got kicked out of her house, and came back to nothing but a microscopic flat. She had no job and two mouths to feed.

So to keep herself preoccupied, she worked on her first book in cafes while her daughter was asleep.

But it wasn’t for long that depression started to take over. Having to raise a child on her own and living off meagre unemployment benefits were beginning to take their toll…

J.K Rowling had hit rock bottom.

However, what she didn’t expect was that her seemingly hopeless situation was in fact, a blessing in disguise.

At the very moment when she was about to take her own life, she looked over at her daughter and was struck by a vision that completely changed her mind.

She saw her daughter embracing a brighter future...

That vision alone was enough to clear away her dark thoughts, and instead, she was powered by an unstoppable determination to provide a better life for her daughter.

It gave her the inner strength she needed to unlock her literary talent and complete the first Harry Potter book...

J.K. Rowling went from being a jobless single mother, living off unemployment benefits, to one of the bestselling authors of all time…

Only because she uncovered her hidden talent.

It’s A SHAME You Don’t See Your Talents

It truly is a shame! Because the only thing that’s standing between you and a life that’s abundant, successful and fulfilled… Is the unawareness of your special talent.

In a way, your special talent is like the fuel that gives power to your car's engine. Without it, the car won’t have the energy to reach destinations.

So your gift is what provides the energy, and motivational power to help you push on to fulfil your heart's desires. And the best part about it is that it lasts a lifetime.

Like J.K Rowling, once you discover your gift, you too, can enjoy the natural rewards of life - health, wealth, success and happiness.

The good news is, you won’t need to go through a phase of adversity like she did, in order to discover your special talent.

The “Power of Numbers” Can Uncover Your Deeply Buried Gifts!

If you've ever heard of Pythagoras, that's probably because he is the man behind
"a2 + b2 = c2 "... The basic mathematical formula we've all used in school to calculate the sides of a triangle.

He was an ancient Greek Mathematician and also the Father Of Modern Mathematics.

But other than being one of the world’s greatest mathematicians, Pythagoras was also notable for discovering a unique numbering system known today as Numerology.

He learned that every number had its own meaning, its own characteristics, and its own influence.

But most importantly, he discovered that every number had a unique energy vibration.

And it is through these unique energy vibrations that we numerologists, can uncover your hidden talent.

The “BirthDay Number”: The Key To Unlock Your Million Dollar Talent

In Numerology, the day you were born bears the greatest significance in discovering your hidden gifts… for the number that marks that day, holds the clues to your talent.   So to uncover the energy vibrations of that number, we use what we call, BirthDay Number.

And from the BirthDay Number, you will receive a numerology reading similar to this...

“BirthDay Number ‘12’

Sensitivity and susceptibility of people with the Birthday Number 12 are combined with a vigorous active purposefulness. They have a great self-confidence and they are able to intuitively understand the world around them. Thanks to the foresight, sensitivity and ability to clearly express their thoughts, they can have a big impact on people.”

This is just a mini-reading, a complete reading contains at least a full page description of the skills and natural abilities you possess.

As you can see, the BirthDay Number can help unveil the clues to your special talent.

So if you’d like to find out what your BirthDay Number has to reveal about your unique gift... Here’s what I can do for you.

I’d Like To Prepare For You Your Full, COMPLETE ‘Life Changing’ BirthDay Numerology Report

I will personally analyze your BirthDay Number, and in no time, from the comfort of your home, you will receive an entire report that’s full of information I guarantee will give you immediate answers. All for an affordable price of just $19.

You simply have to provide me with one very important piece of information:

The day of the month on which you were born.

Once you have your report, you’ll
find everything you need to unlock your Million Dollar Talent

You will discover…

The innate Talent you were born with... This is your true power. It will come in handy during tough times on your life’s journey, only if it has been properly developed and fully made use of.

Your Natural Gifts. This will clearly show you the things you love and do, and are better than at anyone else. When you spend energy and time to develop them, your phoenix-like transformation begins.

What you should and should not be doing with your abilities… Knowing how to use them wisely can help you reach new heights of success. But if used foolishly, can also spin your life in a downward spiral.

How to develop your gifts and talent... By exploring fields that are most suited for your talent, you will be able to hone your skillsets and maximize your truest potential

PLUS the obstacles and roadblocks that life unexpectedly throws your way. These are intricately complex problems that in the past would completely catch you off guard and now can be planned for

And That’s Not All,

You will also receive an extra bonus section that will provide….

A list of all the different vocations that provide the largest room for growth and success for your unique gift.

PLUS a full description of each vocation… Their work demands and the paycheck you’ll receive for doing what would be effortless for you!

Send Your Urgent Request Today!

All this work is completely personal… Which means once I’ve received your confirmation, I will need 1-2 days to prepare your BirthDay Number Numerology Report.

I want to reassure you that I’ll use my resources to complete your comprehensive numerology reading. But only if you take the first step today.

And in just a few days, you can start using this report to discover your true potential.

You’ll understand aspects of yourself and finally find out the true meaning of the day you were born...

Your future is now in your hands.

I am watching out for your response, I know you will understand what I am saying to you.

I am waiting to come to your assistance.

To get started, simply fill in your details below (I respect your privacy, and you have my word that all your personal details are kept 100% confidential)... and once I receive your details, I’ll get working on your BirthDay Number Numerology Report IMMEDIATELY.

Claim Your BirthDay Number Numerology Report!

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In the highest vibration of numbers,
Aiden Powers

P.S I’ve a very simple promise to make to you. If you’re not totally happy with my work that I’ve done or feel my guidance has not given you the clearest way to direct your own life, you can email for a full refund.

Most people live their entire lives simply existing day-to-day, without much passion or enthusiasm for life.

They find themselves disengaged and constantly struggling to find their place in the world.

P.P.S I want to help you change all that and more by sending you your
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